Company Profile


    Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center is the third largest convention and exhibition center in Fujian Province and Quanzhou, with a total investment of 980 million yuan and an area of 100000 square meters. The exhibition center has 4 indoor exhibition halls, 1 outdoor exhibition hall, a conference center on the second floor, a central ecological corridor, a north-south landing hall, and a parking lot. Since its official launch in June 2020, several large-scale international exhibitions have been held, including Quanzhou International Auto Show, Cross Strait Food Trade Fair, Textile Machinery Exhibition, etc.

    Jinjiang Mingjin Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive exhibition enterprise that integrates venue operation, exhibition event hosting, and exhibition supporting services. It operates and manages a large exhibition venue at the Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total construction area of 100000 square meters. The venue has four indoor exhibition halls, one outdoor exhibition hall, a second floor conference center, a central ecological corridor, a north-south entrance hall, and a parking lot. Since its operation, the "China (Jinjiang) International Home Decoration Building Materials Expo" has a total scale of 20000 square meters and is a gathering place for home decoration building materials merchants in Quanzhou area; The China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Expo has an exhibition area of 60000 square meters and is a global benchmark for the footwear industry; The Quanzhou International Auto Show is held twice a year, with a total scale of 80000 square meters. It is the largest car trade and new trend in the Quanzhou region; The Cross Strait Food Trade Fair has a total scale of 60000 square meters and is a new global food procurement platform.

    Since its establishment, Jinjiang Mingjin Exhibition Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality services for multiple large-scale exhibition events, receiving hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign guests, including major exhibition events such as the Shoe Expo, Food Expo, Home Expo, and International Auto Show. It has accumulated rich experience in providing service guarantees for large-scale exhibitions and has won reputation and recognition in the industry.