Exhibition Hall Guide


Overall functional zoning

The central ecological corridor serves as the main axis, with exhibition halls distributed on both east and west sides. The staggered layout of dual exhibition halls allows for flexible use of the exhibition halls. Reserve a distribution plaza in the north and south of the base. The outdoor exhibition hall is located in the northeast corner.

Indoor exhibition hall

All exhibition facilities at Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center comply with international standards and perfectly meet the different needs of exhibition organizers, exhibitors, and visitors; It can provide nearly 45000 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition area, including 4 column less indoor exhibition halls with a net height of 12 meters and 1 outdoor exhibition venue.

The indoor exhibition hall adopts a modular design approach, and the scale, service supporting facilities, combination control of various equipment, and fire evacuation mode of the four exhibition halls all adopt the same design; Each exhibition hall has its own system and can operate independently; Each exhibition hall has its own landing lobby as a temporary service area; The exhibition halls can be combined and separated, making them flexible and practical.

Outdoor exhibition hall

The outdoor exhibition hall is located in the front square of the Convention and Exhibition Center, covering an area of 5000 square meters. It can be divided into a 94X52 meter exhibition area and can accommodate 300 international standard booths; The ground load of the outdoor exhibition hall is 5 tons/square meter. If not carried out, it can be used as temporary ground parking, and 240 parking spaces can be provided.

Central Ecological Corridor

The Central Ecological Corridor is located in the center of the exhibition center in the east-west direction, running through the north and south, connecting Exhibition Hall AB and Exhibition Hall CD.

convention center

The conference center is located in the southwest corner of the exhibition center, with two floors and a ground floor area of approximately 10000 square meters.

The first floor conference room has a net height of 4 meters and can accommodate 400 people.

The second floor banquet hall is located on the second floor of the conference center, with a net height of 7 meters. It has all the necessary facilities for the banquet, including a preparation room, storage room, VIP reception room, etc. The banquet hall has a usable area of 1375 square meters and can also be divided into smaller venues according to the requirements of the event organizer.