Finally waiting for you, the 31st Quanzhou International Auto Show opens on the Dragon Boat Festival!

It's the annual Dragon Boat Festival again, and it's the familiar auto show. It's here! The 31st Quanzhou International Auto Show and the First New Energy Vehicle Exhibition will be held grandly from June 2nd to 5th at the Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Multiple luxury gifts and special sales from manufacturers, a super sized car buying feast is about to begin!

Supported by the People's Government of Jinjiang City and Quanzhou Evening News, organized by the Jinjiang Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Quanzhou Automobile Industry Association, and organized by Quanzhou Huanya Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd., the Quanzhou International Auto Show has been successfully held for 30 times since its establishment in 2004, gradually becoming a benchmark for large-scale and high-quality professional auto shows in Fujian Province, and is one of the three major brand auto shows in Fujian Province.

One stop car purchase

This year's auto show brings together numerous car brands such as German, American, French, Japanese, Korean, and domestic cars, with over 70 mainstream car brands and over 700 popular models, covering the vast majority of domestic, joint venture, and imported car brands. No one was absent from the exhibition, and more than 30 new cars were unveiled at the auto show. Here, we offer you a one-stop shop for car selection and viewing, comparing products from different stores, conducting comprehensive analysis, and purchasing your beloved car at a more favorable price.

A visual feast of luxury car models

At the auto show, visitors can not only admire famous cars and luxury cars, but also see eye-catching car models and beautiful women. There are also radio hosts and car influencers who "check in" live to promote them. All major auto exhibitors held various theme activities, such as artistic performances, award-winning Q&A, artificial intelligence, interactive games, etc. These wonderful moments will also be broadcast live through WeChat, Tiktok, Kwai and other platforms.